Hygenic Solutions efforts for a healthier, more environmentally-friendly world. For many professional cleaning companies green home cleaning is just another trend, one requiring some different products labeled “natural.” For us, green house cleaning is an extension of what we already do on a daily basis—safeguard families.

we’ve protected our family and yours by using highly-concentrated house hold cleaners that require less to clean more. That means reduced exposure for our housekeepers and your family. These concentrated cleaners also reduce packaging and shipping, reducing the use of fossil fuels for a decreased carbon footprint.

As professional house cleaners we ensure efficient home cleanings by using the right products and the right amounts. Many inexpensive, diluted cleaners leave a residue and require more work to clean your home. Our concentrated cleaners do more by using less. Recycling is an important business practice too, and at Hygenic Solutions we embrace it as another element of our green home cleaning services. Reusing these cleaning bottles also allows to conserve the resources of our planet.

Using green home cleaning business practices just makes sense to us because it protects our residential maids, our customers, and our planet. And we’re proud to share green home cleaning tips and practices that help our communities follow suit.


Many companies claim to provide “natural” or “green” home cleaning products and services. At Hygenic Solutions, we won’t label a bottle of bleach “green” just because it’s in a recycled container. We won’t claim green cleaning products have disinfectant qualities, because we know organic cleaners don’t kill harmful bacteria. Instead of “green washing”, we educate customers on our products and business practices for a more balanced approach to green house cleaning services. Balancing the use of disinfectants like bleach with green cleaning products that don’t contain ammonia, petroleum or other toxins, effectively cleans homes while protecting families and the environment.


Keeping germs and harmful bacteria away from your family requires using disinfectants. That’s why Hygenic Solutions recommends allowing residential maids to use this concentrated house cleaner during your initial house cleaning. For some customers that may not be acceptable. It’s your home and we’ll clean it your way.
Our flexible green cleaning services take your preferences into account. Where available, Hygenic Solutions can use all green cleaning products. Or we could alternate the use of disinfectants and green house cleaners. For example, that could mean using disinfectants in your bathroom during your weekly cleaning service, or rotating the use of green cleaning products with disinfectants in that room, or any other room, of your home.


We assist companies with various services. We are equipped to handle central, state and local body regulations in India.

  •        Gardening and Landscaping Services
  •        Housekeeping Services
  •        Laundry Management
  •        Maintenance Services
  •        Catering Services
  •        High raise building cleaning


We supplies to assist companies with various services as below.

  •        Supplying of Personal Protective Equipments
  •        Supplying of Health Care Products
  •        Supplying of Consumable
  •        Supplying of Disposable things
  •        Supplying of Cleaning agents & materials
  •        Supplying of Linen & Uniforms


  •        Handling of Bio Medical Waste Management
  •        Implementation of 5s & ISO certifications
  •        Patient Transportations
  •        Handling of bed ridden, obese & sick patients
  •        Sterilization of critical areas like OT & CCU / ICU
  •        Crisis management.
  •        Man management.
  •        Infection control practices.
  •        Patient and staff safety.